The Daniel Establishment allowed me to be taught the same subjects as in the public schools, but from the only perspective that is truthful, and the only one that is exhaustive : the biblical perspective. Most importantly, this teaching allowed me to be surrounded and formed by models of faith who made me thirsty for more than academic knowledge. I carry and will continue to bear the fruit of their commitment and love for the Saviour to all those with whom I may be in contact.



As part of my studies, I had to write a paper to present a biblical anthropology. I also thought of the painting of Michel Ange in the Sistine Chapel, entitled “God and Adam’s creation”. I worked on it again and instead of two fingers pointing at each other, I’ve depicted God’s finger still outstretched towards man, but man’s response is a fist raised towards God. I’ve entitled it “God and Adam’s Rebellion”. What folly is this rebellion of man against a God so full of love, who lowers himself to come down to us !