Daniel Christian School

An evangelical Private school, “without a contract” (the school is not operating under a contract with the state). It includes a kindergarten, an elementary school, a middle school and a high school. The transmission of faith, the teachings of the Bible, and Christian values are shared along with the transmission of knowledge.

During the school year 2015 /2016, we fixed our eyes on God’s favour in the past, and in particular on His great fidelity to our school. We continued to look back with thankfulness in 2016/2017 since we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reform.

This movement of God brings us back to the primacy of the Scriptures, which expose to us the will of God for men and nations.

We now look to the future by emphasizing our individual and collective responsibility as Christians in the world: to practice justice, to love mercy, according to the verse of Micah 6,8.

May we walk humbly with our God, rooted in His love, and concretely manifest the fruits of His light which are truth, justice and kindness.