INVESTING in education means being concerned about TOMORROW

The school operates not only on a tuition basis, but also thanks to the commitment of many volunteers and donations. Please support us in this mission with your donations. We have many short-term projects.

INCOME TAX REDUCTIONS (private individuals)

You benefit from a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount of your donations, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income. Examples:

  • Donation of 100 € => tax reduction of 60 €
  • Donation of 500 € => tax reduction of 300 €
  • Donation of 1500 € => tax reduction of 900 €


Since 2003, companies have benefited from a tax reduction of 60% of donations made for open financial years, up to a limit of 5°/°° (five per thousand) of sales.

In addition, the fraction of payments exceeding this limit may give rise to a tax reduction for the following 5 years.


You can make your donations by bank transfer to the Association’s special account. Here are the bank details:


FR76 1027 8033 0000 0305 3594 761





Thank you for your donation, your prayers and your support !


Investir dans l’éducation c’est se préoccuper de demain