Engage in the school's life


Our projects

Here is an overview of our projects :

    • Major renovation work on three sheds to extend the elementary school buildings. This will enable us to meet the needs of the growing school.


    • Renovation of the kindergarten playground (need for new tables and benches, and a new storage for equipment and toys).


You can find out more by browsing project pages or contacting us.


Work and maintenance

We need regular help with maintenance, renovations and green spaces. Any help would be most welcome !


  • Are you interested in serving the Lord through Christian mission ?
  • Are you skilled in a technical field such as electricity, heating or maintenance ?
  • Are you available ?

If you also have good interpersonal and adaptability skills, then don’t hesitate to  contact us ! We’d be delighted to discuss the possibilities of working in our school with you, and to discuss the terms of your commitment.

We are looking for someone who :
  • is engaged in faith and in a local church
  • agrees with the school’s vision, missioin and project.

Host families

Since the beginning, our school has welcomed students almost every year. Students who live too far from the school to come every day. To enable them to receive a Christian education, families have opened their doors to welcome them for one or more nights a week, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again.

However, more and more of these young people are asking to be enrolled.

So we’re looking for families with spare rooms who would be willing to take them in.

If you are interested, please contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.