A legacy

Let’s not forget. The first kindergarten class was established in a Vosges valley, in the small village of Belmont, not far from here. Sarah Banzet was born in 1745. She was a servant to the wife of Pastor Stuber, a pioneer in the field of education. On his initiative, she brought together very young children, teaching them something adapted to their age: new words, observation of plants, a relationship with God through prayer and hymns, stories from the Bible. The children learn by knitting in the only heated room in her house, called “le poëlle” in the local language. Those children who can afford it bring a log. Sara Banzet’s “poëlle à tricoter” is thus the first nursery school. Her initiative was subsequently approved and supported by Pastor Stuber, and later by his successor, Pastor Jean-Frédéric Oberlin.

It’s on this legacy that we stand: the transmission of faith, the relationship with God, the knowledge of His Word are integrated into learning, play and life in the kindergarten classroom.

We welcome kindergarten children in small, medium and large sections in a single class of 10 to 15 pupils, supervised by a teacher and a kindergarten assistant.

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Quelques spécificités

  • Small size classes
  • Partnership with parents
  • A climate of security and affection
  • Pedagogy of encouragement
  • Discovering the Creator through His creation
  • Building identity in Christ (unconditional love of the Father, affection, security, meaning of life…)
  • Biblical values lived out, shared and taught
  • Essential preparatory learning
  • Use of Montessori tools


Parents help to look after the children who stay in school during the lunchtime.