Vous pouvez soutenir l’oeuvre en versant vous aussi votre goutte d’eau

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Little drops of water, little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean…

Our combined little drops from our monthly budgets will form a powerful wave to transform future generations in France.

A drop of water, for example, is an expense we could avoid:

  • 5,50 € per month = a student menu
  • 20 € per month = 2 cinema tickets
  • 40 € per month = one month’s Canal + subscription

You can support our mission by donating your drop of water, simply by setting up a monthly transfer of an amount that is suitable for you. Like any other donation, this monthly transfer is tax-deductible.

To do this, you can download the presentation brochure, or a stub, then print it and send it to the address indicated.