The educational philosophy of the Daniel Christian School is based on the Bible, from which it draws its orientation, logic and coherence. Consequently, we consider the following to be of paramount importance:

  • Student’s intellectual, academic and social maturity
  • as well as student’s spiritual growth

1. Identity formation

To achieve this, the school seeks to :

  • participate in the restoration and development of the three areas of personality (body, soul, spirit)
  • transmit the character of Christ
  • enhance the child’s own qualities (faith, humility, spontaneity…)
  • help each child to know and appreciate himself/herself

To this end, we use the following means :

  • sharing, praying with the teacher, studying the Bible, developing listening skills
  • teaching in the physical, intellectual, artistic and manual fields
  • encouraging pedagogy/approach
  • teamwork among teachers

2. Intellectual training

To achieve this, the school seeks to :

  • transmit academic knowledge (know-how)
  • seek the knowledge of God through all activities
  • encourage each student to develop his or her intellectual potential to the full
  • prepare students for successful integration into society

To this end, we use the following means:

  • following the official curriculum in the light of the Word of God
  • preparing students for exams
  • developing critical thinking
  • acquiring working methods
  • teaching methods adapted to needs (support, in-depth study, etc.)

3. Relational and social training

To achieve this, the school seeks to :

  • develop the respect for God, self, authority, others and creation
  • encourage a spirit of service and responsibility
  • develop a sense of belonging to a group (family, class, school, body of Christ, nation)

To this end, we use the following means:

  • rules based on respect and love of neighbour
  • outside contributors (pastors, missionaries, parents…)
  • class outings, trips, exchanges…
  • learning about solidarity and sharing
  • civic, moral and biblical instruction